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Coach Certification Program

With the Coach Certification Program you will be trained in our proven 360 Feedforward Coaching approach, a process that guarantees measurable results in leadership growth for your clients.

Global Coach Group is offering up to $2,000,000 in financial grants to coaches, consultants, HR professionals, and business professionals. You have the opportunity to win a scholarship towards getting certified in our world-class leadership coaching process and gain access to our digital coaching platform.

What you receive

  • Become a certified leadership coach under a trusted global leadership coaching brand
  • Exclusive access to GCG’s innovative digital platform to use with your very own clients
  • Access to all the coaching resources you need to successfully coach your clients
  • Unlimited networking opportunities with other coaches in the GCG network
  • Much more
Will Linssen

Based on more than 25 years in executives roles and leadership development, and seeing the pressing needs of our Fortune500 clients, we built a new digital coaching platform and coaching certification program from the ground up. A coaching platform and methodology fit for a modern world which provides coaches with incredibly powerful coaching tools to win more clients and deliver measurable results.

The COVID19 pandemic has challenged leaders around the world more than ever before and they are looking for solutions to their challenges. Our innovative digital coaching platform and associated Global Leadership & Team Coaching coaching certification programs deliver these solutions. 95% of leaders get measurable better with a 98% satisfaction rating using the coaching platform. Join the next level in coaching evolution.

Will Linssen, CEO
Global Coach Group
World’s #1 Coach Trainer, Top 10 Global Leadership Coach by Thinkers50 and Global Gurus

Innovative Digital Platform

Delivering measurable results faster and more efficiently by automating nearly all the manual processes for the coach and client ; eliminates all time consuming busy-work for you the coach and the client

  • Scheduling coaching sessions
  • Collecting feedforward suggestions from coworkers
  • Creating and sharing action plans with coworkers
  • Holding the leader accountable in following through on specific actions
  • Running quarterly assessments
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Continuous Learning and Growth

Even after the completion of our program you will receive continuously updated resources and tools to elevate your coaching knowledge

  • Facilitated coaching practice labs
  • Mentoring sessions with experienced coaches
  • Demonstrations on handling challenging coaching scenarios (situations and cultures)


of the leaders coached through our 360 Feedforward Coaching process reported measurable growth in their leadership effectiveness as perceived by their coworkers.

The 360 Feedforward Coaching Process

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We place a strong emphasis on involving coworkers, implementing change and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness. 

The 360 Feedforward Coaching process aims to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Grow as a leader by becoming measurably more effective
  2. Transfer the coaching skills and process to the leader so that they can continue to develop themselves
  3. Roll the coaching process out to the Leader’s teams so that the Leader becomes better at coaching team members.

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top executive & leadership coaches, consultants, and HR professionals working with us to bring the world’s most effective leadership coaching process to the people who need it most. 

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