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Get BETTER Measurable Results and Spend LESS Time with
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Reduce your session prep and follow-ups to just 15 minutes, while delivering coaching that improves leadership, team and business performances with 95% coworker satisfaction

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

Global Coach Group (GCG) is trusted by leaders of Fortune 500 companies down to smaller organizations alike.

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Why choose GCG Coaching Tools? Your Digital Edge For Coaching Effectiveness and Measurable Leadership Growth

The real success of leadership/executive coaching lies not just in leaders feeling satisfied but in tangible results recognized by their teams and mirrored in business performance.

GCG Coaching tools serve as your digital personal assistant, streamlining the coaching process. They gather suggestions and insights from coworkers prior to coaching sessions and provide follow-up afterwards, ensuring active engagement in cocreating change. The tools incorporate elements of the revolutionary 360 Feedforward Coaching that guarantees measurable leadership growth.

Coaches using the tools improved their success rate 5x from 18% to 95% of leaders coached reported measurable growth that is recognized by their team and organization. This success is unmatched in the coaching industry.

What Results Can You Expect Using GCG Coaching Tools


MORE Impact by delivering a Triple Win

95% of coworkers are satisfied with the improved effectiveness of the leader, their team, and business performance

  • Better Leaders as they improve in areas they and their coworkers care about 
  • Better Teams as they become involved in cocreating change
  • Better Performance as united teams deliver better results

MORE Time Effectiveness

Slash your non-billable time spent preparing for coaching sessions to just 15 minutes as the coaching tools involve the coworkers and the leader. The tools automatically manage all the follow-ups in between coaching sessions.


MORE Coaching

GCG Coaching Tools gather suggestions and insights from coworkers and the leader for you before sessions, allowing you and the leader to dive straight into the heart of the matter. Leaders walk out with an effective action plan and truly appreciate the value of your coaching every time. You coach and the tools handle the rest

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

How the GCG Coaching Tools Work?

More Impact in Less Time:
Your prep work is streamlined and automated so you can
deliver high-impact coaching sessions.


Select Key Leadership Growth Areas that are important to the leader and their team

Feedforward Suggestions

Automatically collects suggestions and insight from coworkers, stakeholders, and the leader before coaching sessions

Action Plan

Helps the coach guide the leader in developing a comprehensive bespoke action plan by incorporating input from coworkers and the leader's own ideas.

Cocreate Change With Coworkers

Shares the Action Plan and ensures its implementation through automated follow-ups


Conducts regular pulse surveys to gauge progress, assessing improvements of the leader, the team, and organizational results in the eyes of the coworkers

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

Who Uses The GCG Coaching Tools

leadership climb

Professional Coaches

  • Tailored for coaches who focus on leadership and executive coaching
  • Committed to delivering measurable results for their clients
  • Value their time and want to focus more on coaching and results, while reducing (non-billable) time spent outside sessions.
leadership together

Leaders and Internal Coaches in Organizations

Leaders and Internal Coaches in organizations who want to cocreate change, engage their teams, get Triple Win results, and prefer a time-effective approach to coaching

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

Results Speak For Themselves

Lissa Qualls

Lissa Qualls, USA

For over 15 years, I have focused primarily on middle management and above corporate clients with demanding schedules and limited time. The GCG coaching tools allow us to work together more seamlessly. These tools empower clients, granting them greater control over their journey. They can decide at which level to interact with the tools, enabling them to keep up with their goals and progress more quickly. It's a win-win for all involved. This mutually beneficial solution is highly recommended to coaches at every experience level.

Fabian Orue

Fabian Orue, Spain

The GCG coaching tools aid me in helping leaders and top executives reach their full potential with clear, measurable, and lasting behavioral changes. These tools are straightforward, user-friendly, and deliver effective results. For my clients, coaching is about achieving results through an experienced coach and a solid methodology, and GCG coaching tools support this to make it happen.

Romeo Ruh

Romeo Ruh, Switzerland

The GCG Coaching Tools have been a game-changer for me and significantly transformed my coaching practice. Despite involving multiple coworkers in the process, I've reduced the time spent on preparation, implementation, and follow-up after sessions. During coaching, our focus is on coworker recommendations for improvement, creating a monthly action plan, and tracking measurable leadership progress. The coaching tools set me apart and help me deliver outstanding results to clients.

Adam Detwiler

Adam Detwiler, USA

The biggest value for me as a coach using the GCG Coaching Tools is the time saved by keeping all the coaching templates, surveys, and session prep in one convenient place. I know where to turn to prepare for upcoming sessions and how to prepare in advance for many sessions.

The biggest value for my clients is having one clean, simple system for engaging with their co-workers for suggestions as well as measuring their progress. These tools streamline the process, relieving leaders of follow-up tasks and enabling them to focus on their leadership growth ambitions.

Rene de Murard

Rene Murard, France

I love the simplicity and efficiency of GCG tools; they simplify my life as a coach and greatly benefit leaders and their teams professionally. I firmly believe in involving coworkers in the coaching process and soliciting their feedback on its impact. While satisfying a leader as a coach is straightforward, receiving tangible results endorsed by coworkers and managers is the ultimate recognition for the leader, enhancing my value as a leadership coach. GCG tools enable me to accomplish this effectively.

Choose The Right Plan For You



$49 / month


$149 / month


$299 / month
Coaching Tools include:
- Feedforward collection and reviews
- Action Planning and follow up
- Pulse measurements
Unlimited usage per client
1 client 5 clients Unlimited clients
Coaching Webinars
(includes training & practice)
- Guides and Tutorials
- Onboarding
- Email Support

2 Business days

1-2 Business days

1 on 1
1 Business day

The GCG "Love it Or Leave it" Guarantee

If, after 6 months, you are not satisfied with the results your clients achieve using our tools (after the first pulse measurement), we’ll happily return your investment. No questions asked. It’s that simple.

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

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