Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360)

A 360 Leadership Assessment rooted in groundbreaking research.

Industry leading 360 assessment designed by multinationals for multinationals

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and individuals from smaller organizations alike

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What is the GLA360?

The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) is a 360 leadership assessment rooted in groundbreaking research involving CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, global thought leaders, and international business executives of organizations in 100 countries. 

Whereas most assessments are created by psychologists or behavioral scientists, the GLA360 is the first and only assessment in the market co-developed by multinationals, for multinationals.

The GLA360 articulates and measures the top 15 most important competencies for today's global leader. It shows leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed in a competitive business environment. 

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Available in 12 languages


High level radar graph and comprehensive data drill down


Easy to administer online survey including data collection monitoring

Why leaders, coaches and organizations choose the GLA360 over other 360 assessments


1. The GLA360 gives clear data on the areas of improvement the leader needs


2. Smooth and seamless survey experience for leaders and respondents which supports high response rates during survey collection 


3. Backed by proven research from Accenture and world-renown leadership development professionals 

How the GLA360 works

1. Add Respondents

Seamlessly add respondents to take the survey available in 12 different languages.
Completely hassle free as the platform automates the collection process including reminders to the respondents to finish the survey.


2. Respondents take survey

Simple 72 question survey plus 3 open response questions for verbatim feedback.

3. Generate report

After respondents finish taking the survey within seconds you have a 45+ page comprehensive report ready for review and debrief.

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4. Review and debrief

  • 45+ page comprehensive report available in multiple languages
  • Easy report analysis using templates and clear, step-by-step data processing
  • Includes a high level radar graph and comprehensive data drill down

Who uses the GLA360?
Choose your occupation/ status to learn more and try out the GLA360.

Individual Leader

  • I am a leader or future leader looking to take my leadership skills to the next level.
  • I want to clearly identify my leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • I want to receive feedback from my colleagues around my leadership skills


  • I am a coach that needs a powerful 360 assessment tool for my clients. 
  • I am a coach that needs a leveraging tool that will help me gain coaching clients during the sales process.

HR / Organization

  • I am a HR professional and/or organization representative looking to bring a dependable research-backed 360 assessment to identify the areas of improvement for the leaders of our organization.

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