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Global Leadership Coach

Deliver 1-on-1 leadership coaching using the 360 Feedforward Coaching process to leaders across all management levels. 

Deliver the measurable results executives look for. 

Program includes:

  • Global Leadership Coach Certification

  45 CCE units

50 Hours

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$299 / month


$2,990 / one-time


Global Leadership & Team Coach

The complete package.

Become a coach for individuals AND teams.

Master coaching with three certifications to effectively scale the process from individuals to teams & larger groups.

Program includes:

  • Global Leadership Coach Certification
  • Global Team Coach Certification
  • Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) Certification

  60 CCE units

100 Hours

Choose a plan to get started

12 Monthly Payments or One-Time Payment

Incl. 90 day Love It or Leave It Guarantee

$499 / month


$4,990 / one-time

The GCG Guarantee

90 Day 'Love It or Leave It' Guarantee

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What's included with the certification?

Expert training in a highly effective coaching methodology:

360 Feedforward Coaching Process

Deep-dive into training in a coaching process that delivers measurable results

Live coaching practice labs with fellow coaches

Learning only goes so far without true practice.

Participate in labs that take you through an entire coaching engagement, one session at a time

Live workshops with Master Coaches & continuous learning resources

Learning never stops.

Even after certification, continue growing your knowledge as a coach with access to a wealth of resources

GCG Online Coaching Platform access

Everything you need to coach on one platform

Exclusive access to the industry leading coaching platform to coach leaders from beginning to end

Resources and tools to master the business side of your coaching practice

Access to a complete marketing & sales toolkit for getting more greater coaching clients

Membership to an active global community of 3,500+ coaches

Engage with like-minded professionals, exchange best practices, and grow together

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Program Structure

Desktop - 5

Self-paced 100% online

Desktop - 6

Together with fellow coaches you will assume the role of both coach and leader

Desktop - 7

Together with fellow coaches you will assume the role of both coach and leader

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What coaches have to say

Pinar Basaran

What separates GCG certification programs from other programs?

I've previously attended other leadership trainings, but I wanted to bolster my professional career as a coach with a more sophisticated leadership coaching program and started looking for one.

And I believe I made the perfect choice.

As coaches we know that leadership is not just about "what you do" but about "who you are". Because people lead from "who they are". This program is a perfect
blend of technical leadership skills building process, while providing an abundance of insights on the inner workings of shifting mindsets. The program fully involves you in the learning process through Live Practice Labs. And this reminded me of one of the best quotes: "Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn"!

Pinar Basaran, USA & Turkey

Mickey Moss

What is the best aspect of the certification program?

The material was outstanding, the content was in depth but at the same time very methodical in a step-by-step approach. I would highly recommend this journey of becoming a GCG certified coach. For me, the most memorable aspect was engaging with the GCG coaching community from all over the world was an added bonus.

Mickey Moss, USA

Rajiv Misra

How has the certification program benefited your coaching career?

The course on selling coaching services is the icing on the cake. It gives out each part of the selling process and how you as a coach can sell your services to your target audience in a step by step manner.

Rajiv Misra, India

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