About the 360 Feedforward Coaching process

It’s a transparent process that guarantees measurable leadership growth

Our approach to leadership development and coaching is highly successful

That's by design! We place a strong emphasis on involving coworkers, implementing change, and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness. After all, what really counts is the leadership growth and who will see that better than the people you work with? We know, from experience that, "Leadership change is simple but not easy!". And the 360 Feedforward Coaching is a highly effective, transparent, bespoke, and time-efficient process that works as follows:

Coaching process overview-03

The first phase is Committed Start

1. Aspire:
Change isn't an obstacle but, rather, an invitation to rise to the next level in the leadership journey. That's why we start by figuring out how the leader wants to grow. By describing their leadership journey and articulating their personal leadership model, we create a blueprint for the leader they'll grow to be. This helps them commit to the process because the journey, and the benefits, are entirely tailor-made.

2. Focus:
With guidance and support from a coach, leaders then choose two specific areas for their leadership growth (e.g. empowerment and decision making) journey. Behavioral interviews and multi-rater leadership assessments (180° - 360°) are tools Coaches utilize to help leaders determine the best direction for their development.

3. Commit:
Once leaders can translate how their growth focus will powerfully impact themselves, their teams, and their business performance we widen the circle. This is when we invite coworkers to play a vital role in the leadership development journey. Leaders never walk alone.

The second phase is Grow

This includes a future-focused Monthly Feedforward Cycle consisting of 3 steps:

  1. Ask for future-focused suggestions to improve in your growth areas, (don't forget to thank people for their valuable input!)
  2. Reflect on the suggestions given and create a monthly action plan
  3. Act on the suggestions given by sharing and implementing the action plan (Remember to follow up with co-workers to check whether the change is visible to them.)

During coaching sessions, the Coach and the Leader work on skill development and finalizing the action plan, for the leader and their team, to work from the following month.

We all know you can only manage what you measure which is why this phase also includes a followup process to measure leadership growth. This quarterly Pulse Survey asks leaders, their teams, other coworkers, to reflect on the visible growth over the recent months. These results provide clarity on the ROI of the leader's efforts in the context of their work environment. The coworkers’ perception is the leader's reality.

The report from this survey describes the individual Leadership Growth Progress which the Leader (and sponsor) use to gauge their success. The report also plays a crucial role in guaranteeing and measuring leadership growth for both the leader and the organization as a whole.

The 360 Feedforward Coaching process aims to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Grow as a leader by becoming measurably more effective
  2. Transfer the coaching skills and process to the leader so that they can continue to develop themselves
  3. Roll the coaching process out to the Leader’s teams so that the Leader becomes better at coaching team members.

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