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Global Coach Group

Global Coach Group (GCG) is a truly global leadership coaching organization integrating coaching with innovative technology services for a modern world. The changes in technology have not only changed organizational learning, leadership development and coaching but it has also changed how professionals lead and interact with their coworkers. At GCG we enable professionals to lead for good in the era of digitization.

Leaders and their interactions with coworkers are more in the open than ever before and that is why coaching needs to incorporate open-door approaches and transparency. Our coaching gives organizations clear visibility over what and how much their leaders are improving, and our methodology provides coaches with all the systems, tools, and technology they need to support leaders to go to the next level in their professional performance while engaging their teams.

With experience in a wide range of industries and organization levels across the world, our global network of coaches skillfully applies our highly effective yet bespoke coaching process across a wide range of languages, geographies, and cultural expertise. Furthermore, GCG provides unrivaled technology, a scalable coaching platform to ensure high-quality coaching and real-time visibility into results.

We work with high performers and high potential leaders to take them to the next levels of their leadership in today's VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world.

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Lead for Good

Lead for Good is the belief and commitment that propels great leaders forward. True leadership adorns meaning only when it strives for the good of others.  Fueled by the aspiration to become even better, today there are more than 1 million leaders who share our belief and strive to Lead for Good.

These leaders share our vision to be Good for People, Good for Progress and Good for Permanence.

Good for People

An effective leader guides their team to do what is right and supports them to grow, while ensuring alignment with the organization. These leaders help to pinpoint specific areas for development and coach their team members in ways that are authentic and constructive. Through this, they grow better together. Ultimately, this shapes the perception of coworkers positively, as they acknowledge this growth. For all to be engaged and to work cohesively together is at the core of that vision.

Good for Progress

Leaders work for progress to achieve meaningful results for themselves, their teams, their organization, and the clients they serve. Holistic progress in our rapidly changing world requires leaders to have the agility to adapt to the demands around them. Leaders who involve their coworkers in their leadership development journey have a 95% success rate, with one in three Fortune 500 companies having used this coaching process. The value this creates for progress is grounded in a coaching culture that relies on measurable growth.

Good for Permanence

Great leaders drive constructive change of behavior in ways that are sustainable and become part of their organizational culture. The forward momentum and enduring habits of one become rooted in the culture, establishing permanence and engagement throughout. The impact these leaders make is fueled by the transparency of their actions and their foundational mission for the greater good of people. Healthy leadership is something that benefits one and all, both in the short-term, and in the long run. 

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