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A coach can be many things: a sparring partner, sounding board, confidante, mentor and guide. That’s why we match you with the best possible coach for the journey you’re on.

By pairing you up with someone who has travelled this road before, we ensure they can offer you the guidance and steady hand you need to reach your goals.

We have the largest network of leadership coaches, spanning 55 countries and speaking 35 languages. So you’ll always be matched with a panel of coaches that know your unique situation and needs in terms of challenges, culture, diversity, and languages.

All our coaches are trained and certified, in-house, to implement our proven leadership coaching process, 360 Feedforward Coaching. Each coach also comes to you with more than 15 years of corporate and coaching experience across a wide range of industries, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in safe hands with an expert leadership coach.

Coaches perfectly suited for each level of leadership

The profiles below are examples of coaches working with a specific demographic of leaders

Coaches for

Emerging Level Leaders

Young, high-potential, first time leaders

James Smith

James S.

Corporate Experience

James started his early career at Microsoft, moving quickly into Manager positions before taking on Senior Management roles at promising startups. James played a major role in establishing the HR foundations of tech startups before moving to coaching full time.

Coaching Experience

Known for being “the millennial’s coach”, James has an extensive background in coaching emerging leaders and project teams to adapt to fast changing work and industry environments.

James effectively leverages GCG’s 360 Feedforward Coaching Process to build a strong leadership culture within teams, all starting with the leader themselves.

His previous and current coaching clients include emerging leaders from Fortune 500 companies and many up-and-coming start-ups funded by globally recognized accelerators.

  • 5+ years in Senior Management roles
  • 4+ years coaching emerging leaders
  • Associate Level Certified Coach by the ICF or EMCC

Coaches for

Mid-Level Leaders

Team leaders, project managers

Alice Martin

Alice M.

Corporate Experience

Alice’s corporate experience includes 10 years leading people and virtual teams in Director and Senior Management roles and 16 years as an employee with Apple, PWC, and GE.

Coaching Experience

With decades of business experience across multiple industries, Alice is an experienced Leadership Coach focused on developing effective team managers and business leaders.

Alice has over 4000+ hours of coaching experience and training people around the world. She has coached and trained leaders in multinational organizations in the financial services, semiconductor, and professional services industries, among others, helping them determine what they need - and what they can do - to thrive at work and in their professional career.

  • 10+ years in Director and Senior Management roles
  • 5+ years coaching mid and senior management
  • Professional Level Certified Coach by the ICF or EMCC

Coaches for

High-Level Leaders

Senior managers, directors

Samantha Lee

Samantha L.

Corporate Experience

Samantha brings over 21 years of business experience with Fortune 500 companies in the airlines, healthcare, finance, and technology industries, giving her a keen perspective on effective leadership and business management in diverse global organizations.

Her past tenures include senior management positions at Goldman Sachs, Oracle, and Pfizer.

Coaching Experience

Samantha’s C-Suite and Directorship posts have contributed to her notable skill in leadership & organizational development and human resource operations, in addition to coaching leaders of all management levels to lead their teams focused on engagement and results.

Her coaching client companies include Directors and Senior Management from notable Fortune 500 companies. She has also done extensive coaching in Asia and Europe.

  • 15+ years as a top executive
  • 10+ years coaching Fortune 500 high-level leaders and executives
  • MS in Organizational Development from The George Washington University
  • Professional Level Certified Coach by the ICF or EMCC

Coaches for

C-Suite / Exec

Top senior executives and C Suite

Oliver Nelson

Oliver N.

Corporate Experience

Prior to coaching, Oliver was the CFO at a major tech firm and was instrumental during the company’s IPO. Throughout his career, Oliver has held numerous advisory and board positions in financial and tech companies.

Coaching Experience

Oliver has been consistently recognized as a top executive coach by The American Management Association, Global Gurus Top 30 (USA) and Thinkers 50 (UK).

A seasoned business executive, Oliver brings to his coaching decades of experience leading teams and working at the highest levels within global corporations.

His coaching clients include the CEOs and CXOs of many notable Fortune 500 companies.

  • 20+ years as a seasoned top executive
  • 11+ years coaching Executive and C-Suite leaders of Fortune 500 companies
  • MBA from INSEAD - France
  • MSc from London School of Economics
  • Master Level Certified Coach by the ICF or EMCC

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