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Take your leadership to the next level, make more impact, and be recognized for it

Start your leadership development journey with Global Coach Group to take your performance and career to the next level. Join the 1 million leaders who visibly improved and were recognized for it by involving their coworkers in their leadership development.

Leadership is not about “me”, but “WE”

As the adage goes: Leadership is not for the faint of heart and does not exist in a vacuum. Leadership is always in the context of those being led. Their perception is reality.

When leaders use a WE focused leadership style they create a true collaborative approach to leadership change. Same as leadership is not done behind closed doors, our coaching process mobilizes coworkers in leadership development where everybody wins.

Our expert coaches use a holistic approach building on conventional coaching methods by involving coworkers, which has proven to be much more effective and more connected to reality leading to better results quicker.  Your coach together with your personal digital coaching platform facilitates the quality and time effectiveness of your leadership development journey and be more effective in our modern world of work.

Will Linssen
Will Linssen, CEO
World's Top 10 Leadership Coach
Global Coach Group

Leadership coaching dedicated to help you:

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Become an even better leader

Personal growth
  • Defining what inspires you & journey as an authentic leader
  • Having increased resilience
  • Adapting your behaviors in challenging situations
  • Assessing and addressing your areas to develop
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Make more impact as a leader in your organization

Professional performance
  • Engaging and motivating your (remote) team
  • Thinking strategically, navigating the unknown effectively
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Managing change
  • Creating shared goals/vision
  • Appreciating diversity and inclusion in its many forms
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Be seen as a more effective leader

Recognition from your organization
  • Advancing as a leader in your organization
  • Effectively communicating (influencing, persuading)
  • Improving your leadership presence
  • Engendering trust as a leader

And much more...

Real leaders, real stories, real results

Ashley, VP of Finance

Recently promoted, Ashley realized her financial prowess overshadowed her ability to lead her new team with a shared vision .

Her colleague, an American expat working internationally recommended the GCG Platform since it allows busy professionals to make meaningful improvements as a leader in digital and remote working environments.

Ashley started off with a 6 month coaching program and after seeing growth in her leadership skills and being recognized for it, she opted for another 3 months to solidify her change of impact.

First time managers becoming the leader their organization needs

When technicals skills are not enough, and leadership skills are needed

Chris, Project Manager

As a high-potential employee, impressing upper-management with his technical skills has never been a problem for Chris.  However, as he continued to climb the ranks it became increasingly evident that he lacked the profound leadership skills required for management positions ultimately hindering his career growth potential. 

Chris started with our 30-day free trial and after selecting his coach and completing his first coaching session, he decided to ask the company to help sponsor the coaching program. 

This January, Chris completed his selected 9 month coaching program and his upper-management saw discernible improvements in his ability to lead, awarding him with a promotion in May.  

The Best, Wherever, Whenever

The best leadership coaching solution fit for the modern world with our innovative digital platform

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Best Coaches

We select the best coaches for you from our global network of 3,500+ coaches. You can review and interview a panel of highly-qualified coaches that match your requirements and time zones, all without the challenges of scheduling difficulties.

Meet up with your coach on our online coaching platform whenever you need them the most, and wherever you are.



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Best Coaching

As a leader you likely work in environments that are fast paced and increasingly becoming more remote & digital.

Together with your coach and a coaching process streamlined by our automated online coaching platform, create and share your action plans with your coworkers and manager(s) remotely for unparalleled time effectiveness.

Our approach to coaching is highly successful. That's by design.


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Best Results

Gain real-time insights, which lead to better results in less time, with a digital coaching process built for the modern world of work. All without the extra work associated with other coaching programs.

Guided by your coach and the online coaching platform, you can focus on becoming a more effective leader and be recognized for it by your organization.

See tangible measurable results with periodic measurements. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts as you work towards lasting growth.

How It Works

Coaching Process 1 (1)

Choose your coach

All coaches are personally certified by Global Coach Group in our uniform, yet bespoke, coaching process.

Coaching Process 6

Have regular 1-on-1 coaching sessions

with agendas specifically catered to developing your effectiveness as a leader in your role in the organization.


See a snapshot

of your strengths as well as how you can further develop into a more effective leader.


Focus on leadership behaviors

that are truly important to you, your coworkers, and your organization at large


Grow together with coworkers

by ASKing, REFLECTing, ACTing. Make change visible, all in real time.

Coaching Process 3

Measure and see your growth and success

You can only manage what you measure.
Track your leadership development with automated Pulse Surveys sent to you and coworkers asking them to reflect on visible growth. Be recognized for your efforts as you work towards your goals.

Get a clear picture of your development through sustained change, recognition, and acknowledgement.

A digital platform fit for the modern world

Traditional coaching methods require inefficient manual processes and  in-person meetings. Our platform facilitates leaders so you can focus strictly on your growth.


Of the leaders coached reported measurable growth


Satisfaction rate of leaders being coached on the GCG Platform

Nothing should hold you back from becoming an even better leader

Your first 30 days is on us

Let’s get started on your leadership growth journey together.

Sign up for a 30 day free trial

During the 30 days you can:

  • Interview 1-3 coaches
  • Select your coach
  • Schedule and experience your first coaching session 

Leadership Level Guide

Leadership Level
NGO / Non-Profit Leaders of all levels in NGO and Non-Profit organizations
Emerging/ First time Young, emerging, first time leaders
Mid Level Leaders Team leaders, project managers
High Level Leaders Senior managers, directors
Executives / C Suite Top senior executives and C Suite

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