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Radical Candor and its Benefits

What is Radical Candor and its Benefits?

At Global Coach Group (GCG), our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing an outstanding framework for leadership development. We firmly believe that effective leaders continually grow by exploring diverse principles and methodologies to refine their ...
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Imposter Syndrome as a leader

Navigating Imposter Syndrome as a Leader

As a leader, you are the go-to person for guidance, support, and expert advice. However, there are times when you might feel underqualified and insecure, questioning your abilities and capacity to lead. This phenomenon, known ...
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10 Benefits of Leadership Coaching for Organizations

Leadership coaching offers an abundance of advantages that extend beyond personal development, permeating organizational success on various levels. Through focusing on individual performance enhancement, coaching empowers leaders to make well-informed decisions, navigate complex challenges, and ...
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Navigating Workplace Blame as a Leader: Strategies for Maintaining Trust and Cohesion

As a leader, it is inevitable that your team might hold you responsible for issues causing them distress, whether or not those issues are within your control. In the process of dealing with challenging situations ...
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How to Prepare for Surprises that May Come Up in a Coaching Session (Top 6 Strategies)

Leadership coaching is a dynamic and challenging process, sometimes filled with unexpected surprises and obstacles. As a leadership coach, you play a pivotal role in helping your clients navigate the complexities of leadership development, guiding ...
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10 Steps to Take In Dealing With a Difficult Manager

Managing a difficult manager can be a challenging experience, but it also presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth. By developing effective strategies to handle a supervisor who presents unique challenges, you can build ...
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