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Tired of Feedback? Try This Instead

Providing feedback is considered an essential skill for leaders, something that they are supposed to do on a daily basis. After all, employees need to know how they are doing to develop in the right ...
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“I’ll Be Happy When ___________.”

How would you fill in the blank? There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has their own unique goals in life. You might say, I’ll be happy when I get that promotion or when ...
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One Action to Make Change Happen

It’s not what you might think it is. It’s not deciding what to change, soliciting ideas or apologizing to people whom you wronged in the past. The most important action you can take to achieve ...
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What is the Golden Rule Fallacy?

A western principle called the “Golden Rule” states that you should treat others the way you would like to be treated. In the context of friendship, the Golden Rule serves us well to understand fairness ...
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Beat Inertia with this Simple Exercise

Happiness and meaning - the two things we all want more of in our lives. However, how much of happiness and meaning are we actually experiencing on a daily basis? The answer is probably “not ...
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5 Storytelling Tips Every Coach Should Know

Everyone loves a great story. For thousands of years, stories have taken people on emotional journeys, changed their patterns of thinking, and moved them to action. A powerful way to create greater impact in your ...
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