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Fundamentals of Your Coach Profile

When’s the last time you check your business metrics? When was the last time you reviewed the fundamentals of your business? What do you consider to be the fundamentals to your business? Often,  the core ...
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5 Ways to Manage a Colleague That Does Not Like You

One of the first lessons of leadership is that you do not command respect with your designation. You do not even have to be liked by your colleagues just because you now wear the invisible ...
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What is Leadership Coaching and How is it Beneficial?

What is Leadership Coaching and How is it Beneficial? An organization is known just as much by its leaders as it is known by its name and quality of service. That good leaders are great ...
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Pronouncing People’s Names Right is More Important Than You Think, Here’s Why

The world is more connected now than ever before, thanks to technology. This connectedness has resulted in amazingly diverse workplaces. From path-breaking innovation to improved skill-building and heightened professional growth, the benefits of a diverse ...
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Difference Between Leadership/ Executive Coach, Life Coach and Business Coach

Professionals today can access different types of coaching programs that are designed to help them advance their careers. However, they often confuse between different coaching types, namely leadership, executive, life, and business coaching, thinking they ...
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Effective Communication

Effective Communication, The Key To Leadership

What exactly is effective communication in terms of leadership?  Effective communication is important for all leaders in every setting. Good leaders know how to convey a clear message. They know how to listen so that ...
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