One Action to Make Change Happen
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It’s not what you might think it is. It’s not deciding what to change, soliciting ideas or apologizing to people whom you wronged in the past.

The most important action you can take to achieve lasting positive change is…follow-up!


Why Follow-Up Matters

It’s the number one difference-maker in the whole change process. Here is why:

  1. Follow-up is how you continuously remind your environment that you are making an effort to change.
  2. Follow-up is how your efforts get imprinted on your coworker’s minds.
  3. Follow-up is how you prevent any skepticism that you can achieve positive change.
  4. Follow-up is how you know if you are making progress or not. Your team members and coworkers are the best judges.
  5. Follow-up is how you acknowledge that getting better is an ongoing process, not a one-time transformation.
  6. Most importantly, follow-up makes you change. It provides you with the momentum, the courage, to go beyond understanding what you need to do and actually do it. When you are engaging in the follow-up process, you are changing.

We have observed it countless times: people don’t get better without follow-up! Leaders who regularly ask for input from team members and coworkers are perceived as becoming better in what they do. On the contrary, leaders who don’t follow-up are not seen as growing more effective, even though they are not necessarily bad leaders.

Engaging in follow-up shows that you care about changing for the better, that you value other people’s opinions and input, and that you are taking the change process seriously.

When you involve others in your continuing efforts, you are virtually guaranteeing your success.

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