Difference Between Leadership/ Executive Coach, Life Coach and Business Coach

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Professionals today can access different types of coaching programs that are designed to help them advance their careers. However, they often confuse between different coaching types, namely leadership, executive, life, and business coaching, thinking they are all one and the same. In reality, there is a difference between them. Read on to know them.

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is a management training tool that helps business leaders at multiple levels to build their leadership skills to work effectively and maximize performance. It is considered a powerful tool by dynamic and agile organizations because it increases the awareness of leaders through continuous practice and feedback.

One of the most noticeable benefits of leadership coaching is the increase in the ability of leaders to better motivate their teams and achieve personal, professional, and business objectives. Furthermore, such a coaching program can help leaders gain a better perspective of their strengths and weaknesses and create a conducive workplace for teams. It’s only through leadership coaching that business leaders can boost their confidence and create a meaningful impact on the organization.

Executive coaching

Something akin to leadership coaching is executive coaching, where the focus of coaches shifts to company executives. This type of coaching involves an inquiry-based approach to helping executives achieve personal and professional advancement by generating awareness, facilitating action, and encouraging learning and development. Executive coaches focus on improving the performance of individuals by helping them create and sustain fresh perspectives, skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

Executive coaching programs can help organizations motivate their teams to perform better. The workplace sees a general boost in cognition, self-awareness, and social skills. Employees who undergo executive coaching feel that their needs are being met by the organization—something that can support its employee engagement and retention goals. By nurturing and growing the fierce desire to learn, an executive coaching program can trigger original thinking and drive innovation in an organization.

Life coaching

Life coaching is used to describe a general type of coaching with an individual who needs a pathway to reach specific goals. The goals can be related to any area of their life—personal life, work, or family. Life coaches serve as unbiased professionals who hold their clients accountable for their goals by holding one-hour sessions every two weeks. One important point to note about life coaching is that it’s an unregulated process. Virtually anyone can call themselves a life coach because the professional does not require formal training or licensing.

The primary emphasis of life coaching is on the overall well-being of the individual. With life coaching, individuals can get more clarity of their objectives and become capable of living the life they desire. It helps them bring about radical changes in their lifestyles and become successful in whatever they do. It helps individuals to tap into their innate strength and ignite their passion.

Business coaching

Business coaching is all about helping business professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers achieve their goals by taking a more strategic approach to growth. It is about building a collaborative relationship between a business coach and a business owner/CEO where the former helps the latter to develop a successful business.

A professional business coach provides growth plans, constructive feedback, business strategies, and advice to increase the growth of the business. By using a mix of expertise, tools, and industry know-how, a business coach can help business owners take the organization to greater heights of success. Such a coaching program can help business leaders to close knowledge gaps, address blind spots, and unlock innate potential.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, no organization should underestimate the value of coaching programs. To become agile organizations, it’s imperative that their business leaders become open to the idea of hiring a leadership coach. Each type of coaching mentioned above has its benefits. However, if you need great leadership or executive coaching, get in touch with Global Coach Group.

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