How to Set a Session Agenda
GCG Leadership Development Team

As a leadership coach, executing an effective session agenda is essential for driving successful outcomes and facilitating the growth of your clients. A well-crafted session agenda can maximize the value of each session and direct focus to what matters most: the growth and development of the leader. In this blog post, we will delve into the integral components of setting a session agenda for leadership coaching, exploring the crucial steps to enhancing your coaching methods.
By incorporating these strategies and leveraging GCG’s feedforward approach, you will elevate your coaching sessions’ efficacy, empowering your clients in their leadership development journey.

(1) Define Precise Objectives and Expectations

Establishing clear objectives and expectations is a paramount first step in every coaching session. For example, the debrief meeting with the client should focus on assisting the leader in selecting one or two areas for growth based on the feedback provided in the assessment report. By setting explicit goals and expectations for both yourself and your clients, you create a roadmap for coaching success. Consider discussing these expectations with your clients to ensure both parties are aligned in understanding the objectives and desired outcomes of each session.

(2) Build Trust and Rapport with your Clients

The first session lays the foundation for the entire coaching journey. It is crucial for you, as a coach, to foster trust and rapport with your clients from the outset. To establish this trust, start by offering a high-level overview of your coaching process. This introduction should briefly discuss the engagement’s various stages, and encourage your clients to ask questions and share their concerns. By prioritizing a strong rapport, your clients will feel more comfortable engaging fully with the coaching process and sharing their thoughts and experiences.

(3) Utilize a Structured Framework

Implementing a structured framework, such as the TEOMS (Topic, Explore, Outcome, Meaning, Success) method, can significantly impact the clarity and focus of your session agenda. Encourage the leaders you coach to articulate their agenda for the session concerning WHAT, WHO, outcomes, meaning, and success by crafting a concise statement that encompasses their goals. By delineating the desired outcomes, you cultivate a sharper focus on creating value and impact for your clients during the coaching session.

(4) Develop your Coaching Techniques

To strengthen the effectiveness of your coaching sessions, hone your skills in storytelling, reflection, and asking powerful questions. These techniques foster a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs and allow you to provide tailored guidance for their leadership development. Employing active listening and asking clarifying questions demonstrates your commitment to their growth and conveys your support for their journey.

(5) Embrace GCG’s Feedforward System

Incorporating GCG’s feedforward system into your session agendas will optimize the efficiency of your coaching sessions. This future-focused approach allows you to facilitate monthly action plans based on suggestions for improvement in the leader’s growth areas. By embracing this system, you streamline the coaching process and bolster your clients’ leadership development.

In Summary

Crafting an effective session agenda is fundamental for successful leadership coaching and development. By implementing these strategies and harnessing the power of GCG’s Coaching Tools, which includes the feedforward system, you will become a better leadership coach and drive exceptional outcomes for your clients. To learn more about GCG’s Coaching Tools and how the feedforward system can improve your leadership coaching methods, visit Global Coach Group’s Coaching Tools. Empower and support your clients in achieving their personal and professional growth goals by refining your session agenda and elevating your coaching capabilities.

GCG Leadership Development Team

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