Complaints Policy


Global Coach Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services in the field of coaching and leadership development. To that end, it is our aim to ensure that no client or coach has a cause for complaint. We view complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, and to make things right for the individual or organization that has put forth the complaint. This means having a transparent, fair, and efficient procedure for dealing with and resolving complaints.

This policy applies to clients (both our clients and the clients of Global Coach Group Certified Coaches including companies, affiliates, employees, leaders being coached, and sponsors of the leaders) as well as coaches (both Global Coach Group Certified Coaches and coaches overall in the coaching and leadership development space). This document outlines the complaints policy, and the steps detailed below should be followed by those filing a complaint.

A complaint can relate to the following:

    • Failure of a Global Coach Group Certified Coach to adhere to the Code of Ethics for Global Coach Group Coaches
    • Unfair, prejudiced, or inappropriate treatment or behavior by a Global Coach Group Certified Coach or by an employee of Global Coach Group
    • Quality and standard of content or services we provide
    • Failure by us to provide a promised service

All employees at Global Coach Group are fully aware of the complaints policy and are expected to regularly review this procedure to be familiar with the steps involved in order to be of the utmost assistance when an issue is brought to their attention.

We are committed to handling all complaints seriously and with confidentiality. All complaints will be kept on record for one (1) year after the complaint has been finalized, including records of the descriptions of the complaint, supporting documents, records related to the review, actions taken, and final results.


Steps for filing a complaint:

It is our aim at Global Coach Group to resolve complaints quickly and with all parties involved satisfied with the results.

1) Individuals or organizations can file a complaint via email to or the team directly related to the service complaint in question.

2) We will acknowledge the complaint with a response within three (3) business days.

3) Upon receipt, the complaint will be transferred to a team member(s) in charge of the scope of the complaint (technical support, leadership development, coach development & network, assessments, accounting/finance) for a review.

4) The team member(s) in question will reach out to the individual or organization that filed the complaint within fifteen (15) business days by phone or email to discuss possible solutions for resolving the matter. If there is an expected delay, the team will notify you before the fifteen (15) business days stating the reasons for the delay with an updated timeframe.

5) At this stage, we are confident that a satisfactory resolution can be agreed upon. However, in extreme cases, after we have fully investigated and exhausted all possible remedies, the individual or organization that filed the complaint may still be dissatisfied with the results.

6) The individual or organization that filed the complaint has the option to submit into arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Rules of Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France, or in another location, as mutually agreed upon between the parties.

7) The decision made by the International Chamber of Commerce will be final and binding for Global Coach Group and we will strive to take the appropriate action promptly, whereas the individual or organization that filed the complaint has the option to further appeal against the decision.

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