What Other Coaches are Saying

Lissa Qualls

Lissa Qualls, USA

For over 15 years, I have focused primarily on middle management and above corporate clients with demanding schedules and limited time. The GCG coaching tools allow us to work together more seamlessly. These tools empower clients, granting them greater control over their journey. They can decide at which level to interact with the tools, enabling them to keep up with their goals and progress more quickly. It's a win-win for all involved. This mutually beneficial solution is highly recommended to coaches at every experience level.

Romeo Ruh

Romeo Ruh, Switzerland

The GCG Coaching Tools have been a game-changer for me and significantly transformed my coaching practice. Despite involving multiple coworkers in the process, I've reduced the time spent on preparation, implementation, and follow-up after sessions. During coaching, our focus is on coworker recommendations for improvement, creating a monthly action plan, and tracking measurable leadership progress. The coaching tools set me apart and help me deliver outstanding results to clients.

Rene de Murard

Rene Murard, France

I love the simplicity and efficiency of GCG tools; they simplify my life as a coach and greatly benefit leaders and their teams professionally. I firmly believe in involving coworkers in the coaching process and soliciting their feedback on its impact. While satisfying a leader as a coach is straightforward, receiving tangible results endorsed by coworkers and managers is the ultimate recognition for the leader, enhancing my value as a leadership coach. GCG tools enable me to accomplish this effectively.

Salim Hakeem, Saudi Arabia

The GCG Coaching tools have added significant value to my coaching. They empower me to connect with leaders' environment, facilitating the sharing of best practices among coworkers. This invaluable resource helps leaders craft action plans tailored to their teams, simultaneously boosting efficiency and team engagement. Surprisingly, they don't add extra work for me as a coach; instead, they facilitate my preparation, making coaching sessions more relevant and impactful. The results are undeniable. Moreover, this approach also thrives in high power distance cultures, such as the Middle East and Asia.

Cristian Hofmann

Cristian Hofmann, Switzerland

Unlock the true potential of professional executive coaching with time-saving strategies that set the stage for focused sessions. By streamlining the essential elements, leaders can dive straight into the heart of the matter, allowing for maximum impact and real results.

Lieve Jacobs

Lieve Jacobs, Belgium

The main objective for both the coach and the client is to achieve maximum value from the coaching journey, given our limited time together. The GCG Coaching Tools enable me to accomplish exactly that. They assist me in staying organized, effectively tracking progress, and ultimately focusing on making a meaningful impact during each coaching session.  I couldn't be happier with the support and tools provided by GCG, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow coaches looking to enhance their coaching practice. 

Willem Oud Ammerveld

Willem Oud Ammerveld, Netherlands

GCG is at the leading edge of the ever-evolving digitalization in the coaching industry. These tools expedite client onboarding, ensuring a seamless transition into the coaching journey. They foster a constructive and engaging environment, nurturing clients throughout their coaching experience. Collaboratively involving key coworkers, these tools collect regular suggestions and insights.

Moreover, they compile tangible proof of a client's developmental progress, underscoring their impact on the team and organization. This tangible evidence fortifies the coaching investment's value for leaders and their organizations.

Furthermore, these tools streamline the coaching process, reducing time and effort and allowing coaches to focus on coaching clients. As a result, leaders experience evident growth, recognized by their coworkers. Ultimately, GCG Coaching Tools optimize the impact of coaching efforts, elevating the coaching experience. As a Personality Psychologist, I truly enjoy the satisfaction of a smooth and effective coaching process empowered by innovative GCG Coaching Tools.

Marina Wielders

Marina Wielders, Netherlands

Changing leadership behaviors can be a daunting task, and often, the new and desired behaviors we acquire through training or feedback tend to revert to old habits in just a matter of weeks. However, the unique coaching approach offered by the Global Coach Group, coupled with their highly effective coaching tools for implementation, has yielded visible results in the leaders I work with. These leaders not only see a transformation in themselves but also receive recognition from their colleagues for their improved leadership.

This transformation extends beyond individual growth; it translates into greater impact and effectiveness not only for the leader but also for their entire team and the overall organizational performance. The coaching tools provided by GCG not only facilitate this change but also offer a seamless and user-friendly experience for me as a coach. This combination of coaching expertise and powerful tools ensures a lasting impact on behavior change that resonates with coworkers and elevates leadership across the board.

Fabian Orue

Fabian Orue, Spain

The GCG coaching tools aid me in helping leaders and top executives reach their full potential with clear, measurable, and lasting behavioral changes. These tools are straightforward, user-friendly, and deliver effective results. For my clients, coaching is about achieving results through an experienced coach and a solid methodology, and GCG coaching tools support this to make it happen.

Adam Detwiler

Adam Detwiler, USA

The biggest value for me as a coach using the GCG Coaching Tools is the time saved by keeping all the coaching templates, surveys, and session prep in one convenient place. I know where to turn to prepare for upcoming sessions and how to prepare in advance for many sessions.

The biggest value for my clients is having one clean, simple system for engaging with their co-workers for suggestions as well as measuring their progress. These tools streamline the process, relieving leaders of follow-up tasks and enabling them to focus on their leadership growth ambitions.

Isabell Mohr

Isabell Mohr, Germany

To achieve tangible coaching results, I highly recommend utilizing tools that empower both you and your clients to monitor leadership development while incorporating valuable insights from coworkers. Advanced coaching tools like GCG's streamline progress tracking and seamlessly align coaching objectives with the overall business strategy, ensuring maximum impact.

Giuseppe Ando

Giuseppe Ando, Italy

The ease of use and results of More Impact, More Time, and More Coaching are how the GCG coaching tools significantly benefited my coaching practice. Here's how they've made a difference:

- More Impact at three levels: The tools sparked leadership transformation as leaders gain goal clarity, sharpen their skills, and excel. This positive impact extends to their teams, making them more engaged, collaborative, and efficient. Communication improves, and conflicts disappear, creating a more harmonious work environment. Last but not least, the organization benefits from improved performance metrics, increased productivity, and a healthier bottom line.

- More Time: These tools have realized incredible time savings and streamlined the coaching process before and after sessions, reducing preparation and follow-up time from hours to just 15 minutes, all while enriching the coaching agenda.

- More Coaching: They enable focused sessions, ensuring leaders leave with a well-defined action plan ready for implementation and heightened confidence to make tangible progress in their leadership development journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend these tools to ambitious coaches looking to elevate their coaching practice and deliver exceptional results.

Brian Maphosa

Brian Maphosa, Zimbabwe

As a coach, I feel confident in engaging my clients with the help of GCG Coaching tools. These tools provide me with well-researched and proven methodologies that make me well-prepared for each engagement and every coaching session. I am at peace knowing that I have all the necessary tools to execute my coaching sessions effectively. The professional image that these tools project puts my practice a cut above the rest. 

Issam Abuzaid

Issam Abuzaid, Saudi Arabia

The GCG Coaching Tools offer a fireproof system for enhancing leadership coaching. My clients are always impressed with the value and impact of these tools when integrated into our coaching sessions. The process used for leadership growth is effective, and coworkers validate the return on investment. The bottom line for me is more impact, more time, and more coaching. 

Kees van Middendorp

Kees van Middendorp, Netherlands

As an experienced executive coach, the GCG Coaching Tools facilitate my coaching, improve its quality and impact, while saving valuable time that I can dedicate to what I enjoy most: coaching. My clients become better leaders with measurable more impact and effectiveness. And as their teams interact with the coaching tools they benefit by becoming more effective and engaged. The coaching tools not only save me a considerable amount of time, but support me to consistently deliver high-quality coaching effortlessly, resulting in excellent outcomes for my clients. I absolutely love using them, and even better, my clients love it equally as much.

Paramita Debbarman

Paramita Debbarman, India

Using GCG Coaching Tools helps provide a structure and roadmap for the coaching journey and helps accelerate impact. And this includes faster results in less time. And the beautiful part is, the positive impact is not just for the leader, but also for their team and the organizational performance.

Helen Holan

Helen Holan, Australia

With multiple leadership coaching clients to manage, the GCG Coaching Tools have been crucially beneficial.  They have saved me significant time in keeping clients motivated and on track and in monitoring the status of engagements.  I now have much more control over the coaching process;  the automation features are easy to use and the ability to roll-forward information and schedule reminders and survey launches in advance is super helpful.  My leaders have appreciated the visibility of co-worker feedforward, the regular reminders regarding their action plan commitments as well as the prompts to reflect on their progress.  Overall, the tools have been a win for me and a win for my leaders, their teams and their organisations. 

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