Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360)

The most powerful 360 leadership assessment rooted in groundbreaking research involving CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, global thought leaders, and international business executives of organizations in 100 countries.

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The GLA360 Process

The GLA360 Process

Gather data from the leader and a selection of respondents to get a bird's-eye view of performance in meaningful leadership competencies. Get valuable insights about the specific behaviors that drive competency scores.

After working hand-in-hand with the coach or facilitator, the leader will know the exact areas that they excel in and select 1-2 high value leadership growth areas.

Comprehensive Survey

  • 72 questions (5 point Likert scale) plus 3 open questions for verbatim feedback
  • High level radar graph and comprehensive data drill down
  • Easy to administer online survey including data collection monitoring
  • 15 competencies in 5 clusters, scientifically validated
  • Norm group of 2,800 international leaders from a wide range of countries, ages, organizational levels, industries and education backgrounds
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Leadership Development Resources

  • 45+ page comprehensive report available in multiple languages
  • Easy report analysis using templates and clear, step-by-step data processing
  • Extensive professional development resources such as GLA360 certification guide, downloadable workshop & debriefing PPTs, video library, eLearning, etc

What professionals have to say about the GLA360

"The GLA is the most effective 360 assessment I have used. The GLA structure makes it very easy for the leader to digest all the feedback information in a constructive manner, and then move forward to accurately determine their leadership development areas. This has made my debriefing and action planning sessions very effective and positive and resulted in swiftly connecting the GLA to follow up coaching engagements."

Hannah Biggs, UK

Hannah Biggs
Michael Beale

"I've found the GLA360 exceptionally valuable as part of building trust and demonstrating competence at the start of the coaching sale process. The self-assessment lets the client clarify what's important to them - the GLA360 lets them clarify what's important to their key stakeholders. This sets the scene for more effective behavioral interviews, which in turn leads to a more successful coaching assignment."

Michael Beale, Executive Coach, UK

Program Structure

Desktop - 5

Self-paced 100% online

Desktop - 6

Together with fellow coaches you will assume the role of both coach and leader

Desktop - 7

Together with fellow coaches you will assume the role of both coach and leader

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