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  • Have your profile be featured to GCG clients but you will not have access to the platform for personal engagements, or any resources & tools in your coach dashboard


$39 / month
  • The bare minimum, invite your client for 1 coaching engagement for the year + access to all resources & tools

Most Popular Basic

$79 / month
  • 3 coaching engagements for the year + access to all resources & tools


$149 / month
  • 10 coaching engagements for the year + access to all resources & tools


$299 / month
  • 30 coaching engagements for the year + access to all resources & tools


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Monthly Fees-$39 / month$79 / month$149 / month$299 / monthContact us
Annual Plan-$390 / year$790 / year$1,490 / year$2,990 / year
Coach Dashboard
Coach Profile
Coaching Practice Labs-
GCG Platform for Personal Coaching Engagements**-131030
GCG Platform Co-branding----
Coaching Business Accelerator-
Mastermind Group---
Branded Email Add-on-$100$100FreeFree
GCG branded email + custom & secure business email-
2TB of storage-
Google (up to 150 participants) + Recording-

*Cancel anytime

**Each coaching engagement includes the GLA360 and Pulse Surveys required to run the engagement. For example, if you subscribe to the Professional Plan you will receive 10 leader invites to the GCG Platform. With these, you can run 10 GLA360 assessments and 10 Pulse Surveys (each Pulse Survey = 3 Pulse mini-surveys). The number of Pulse mini-surveys used per engagement is dependent on engagement duration (7-session engagement includes 1 Pulse mini-survey; 10-session engagement includes 2 Pulse mini-surveys; 13-session engagement includes 3 Pulse mini-surveys). All in all, you’ll have in your arsenal all the assessments, resources, and tools you need to run 10 coaching engagements from beginning to end.


Available in the 'Business Plan'

Make your partnership with Global Coach Group visible to your personal clients by showcasing your brand logo on the GCG Platform.

Please note: This will only affect your personal engagements, as well as your view of the platform. This will not affect GCG coaching engagements, for which you may be subcontracted to work with us on. Some multinational organizations may opt to brand the platform for their leaders - in this case, they will see the MNC client’s brand logo/color, and not the standard GCG colors.

Co-branding will not affect:

  • Site name & favicon
  • Notification emails sent from “Global Coach Group”
  • Login page with GCG branding
  • Any assessments, surveys, and relevant reports (GLA360 & Pulse Survey)
  • GCG footer 
Co-branding eg

Have questions? Contact us!

Have questions? Contact us!

How can Global Coach Group support you or your organization?

This will definitely have a positive impact on your development. The biggest advantage of opting for online learning/coaching is that you can learn at your own pace. There is a strong focus on leadership growth areas, and input & suggestions from peers, direct reports, and manager is requested & collected in the form of feedforward. You receive regular check-in emails and messages as well as regular progress check-ups throughout the week, ensuring that you are staying on track and getting the results that you want. Knowing that you have a coach by your side daily is an important advantage. 

Sales Director

Throughout our discussions my coach has related to and understood my leadership challenges. She has challenged and encouraged me to have a different view on various situations and provided me with tips on how to handle such situations. 

– Product Manager

My coach was able to translate my challenges into clear & actionable goals, offered coaching support on work challenges that are even outside the scope of the program and is able to filter out the essence from a lot of information provided. 

– Finance Manager

My coach demonstrated an ability to ask questions or challenge me from a different perspective. This fueled both reflection and behavioral change that would otherwise not have occurred. 

– Country Manager

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