Authentic Leadership Model (ALM)
by Global Coach Group

What is the ALM?

The Authentic Leadership Model is a powerful coaching tool that helps leaders articulate their personal leadership framework guided by their personal values. These values ultimately define who we are and how we behave. Thus, the better a leader lives and leverages their unique authentic leadership style, the more effective a leader they can become and inspire their teams at the same time. 

ALM Coaching Tool: FREE

Tutorial Duration: 1-2 hours

In the ALM tutorial, you will:

  1. Define your own authentic leadership model and learn how it ties to you personal values
  2. Create your own personal Authentic Leadership Model. 
  3. Learn how to guide your clients through creating their own Authentic Leadership Model and supplement their leadership development with this powerful tool

After completing this tutorial, you will:

Be fully equipped with a guide and template to guide your own coaching clients through this profound exercise.

Whether we are consciously aware of them or not, every leader has a unique leadership style tied to their core values. This has been instilled in us over the years by the many 'teachers' in our life, and play a key role in shaping our everyday leadership behaviors and decisions. 

Ultimately it has defined who we are and how we behave. The more cognizant we are, and the better we articulate our authentic approach leadership rooted in our personal values, the more we can tap into a wealth of better relationships - both personal and professional.

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