Why EVERY Leadership Coach Needs a 360 Assessment Tool

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If you are not using a 360 assessment in your coaching practice, it’s not too late to start now! 

While a 360 assessment has traditionally been an optional tool for many leadership coaches, it is now widely used as the very first step in the coaching process. 

There are two main reasons that most coaches nowadays, and all GCG coaches, choose to start off their clients’ leadership growth journey with a 360 assessment. 

  1. Perception change is everything in a leadership growth journey. A 360 assessment is the first stepping stone by providing a leader with an overview of how their colleagues perceive them as a leader.
  2. The 360 assessment is THE perfect tool to sell your coaching services and gain more coaching clients.


Why every leadership coach needs a 360 assessment tool 

REASON #1: Perception change is everything in a leadership growth journey.  


In order to truly make an impact in your clients or employees leadership development.  The coach must make a change in the perception of their client as a leader from the viewpoint of his/ her colleagues. 

We are sure that many of you already are familiar with this concept or are using it in your own coaching practice. 

But let us summarize the importance of perception change as a refresher. 

We will start off by asking you to answer this question (which we are sure you know the answer to). 

Which (software) service upgrade gets better customer reviews?

The upgrade that was designed and launched without involving customers, OR the service upgrade that was designed involving customers and then clearly communicated to them.

Of course the last approach is more effective by far, that is why companies work that way.

The same holds true in leadership behavior change (a leadership service upgrade)

Most people believe that changing behaviors is the key to becoming an effective leader. But behavior change is only the beginning to becoming more effective. Changing the perception associated with these behaviors is much more important.

Because coworkers’ perceptions of a leader are the reality for where the leader stands.

Just because you change a behavior(s) does not mean you become a better leader.

If your coworkers don’t perceive your changed behaviors as more effective, then you have only impacted yourself, whereas leadership is about impacting them! .

To dive deeper, when you want to change a behavior, in essence, it is quite simple. You go out and do it. It is a change that you can personally make. What’s more difficult is changing the perceptions your coworkers associate with that behavior because it is not something you readily control. And one of the reasons is because once perceptions are formed around a behavior, that is what people look for and readily expect. It is how they have been conditioned by you. Coworkers are not actively looking for changing their perceptions. So the only way to change and become a more effective leader is to change these behaviors ALONG WITH the associated perceptions.

So how can coaches start this perception change process for their leaders? 

A 360 assessment! 

360 assessments (if you choose the right one like the GLA360) provide clear, transparent feedback from a leaders’ colleagues. This is the first step in initiating perception change; seeing where a leader stands as a leader from the view of his or her colleagues. 



Why every leadership coach needs a 360 assessment tool 

REASON #2: 360 Assessments serve as the BEST conversion tool in the sales process of coaching


From our most recent webinar for coaches, 78% of coaches said that they are better at coaching compared to selling their coaching services. Unfortunately, the reality is that if you aren’t very good at selling your coaching services, then you won’t be able to do much coaching! 

This is where a 360 assessment, specifically the GLA360 can help by facilitating the grueling preliminary work in the sales process. 


Here’s how! 

We go into deeper detail here in this webinar but below we will provide a brief summary. 

The sales process in concept is simple. Expand your initial outreach to as many potential prospects as possible and nurture them to convert. For example, send an email out to 100 contacts in hopes that 10 out of the 100 reach back to you to start the lead nurturing process. 

But the difficult part is really grabbing the prospects attention to not only qualify them as a lead but eventually convert them. This is where the GLA360 comes into help with not only qualifying leads but converting them. For a lot of our coaches, they end up skipping the nurturing process with their leads because the GLA360 makes such a powerful impact on leaders. 

In order to grab the prospect’s attention you provide them with something so high value that they cannot deny your offer if they are truly interested in their leadership development. So, for those 100 prospects you reach out to, the secret is to offer them a free GLA360 assessment instead of a regular boring email. 

Yes, you read it right, FREE!

Although the GLA360 is $99 each, the outcome covers the cost easily.

(Remember you also get 5 FREE GLA360 assessments when you get certified). 

Send 10 free GLA360 assessments to prospects ($1,000 cost) and convert even just one of them and you’ve easily covered the costs of nurturing your total number of leads. 


So what are some other reasons leaders and coaches love the GLA360 as an introductory tool in the coaching process?

Why leaders love being offered the GLA360

  1. FREE value – usually 1000s of dollars
  2. They understand what got them here (strengths)
  3. They understand what will help them achieve their leadership goals (areas of improvement)
  4. Build trust with the coach

Why coaches love using the GLA360 as an introduction in the sales process

  1. Help qualify leads
  2. Exceptional conversion value
  3. Build trust with potential clients

The GLA360 is a proven conversion tool in the coaching sales process and coaches that are not using the GLA360 automatically put themselves at a disadvantage in gaining clients. 

We held a webinar diving deeper into not only why the GLA360 is such an effective sales tool but also showed a demonstration on how to use the GLA360 in the sales process.

Click here to view the webinar. 

If you want to become a GLA360 Certified Coach you can sign up here. All GLA360 Certified Coaches receive 5 FREE assessments ($500 value) when certified. In addition, you receive a plethora of sales and marketing tools so you can gain clients and focus on what you do best, coaching.


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