Keeping Your Ego In Check As a Leader
GCG Leadership Development Team

A leader’s ego helps build their self-confidence and enables them to command respect, but it can also be their downfall if left unchecked. Understanding and controlling one’s ego is vital for effective leadership, as it allows for a more balanced approach to taking charge and making decisions. In this article, we will explore six strategies that can assist leaders in managing their ego.

1. Embrace Praise While Staying Grounded

Accepting praise for well-deserved accomplishments can boost your self-esteem and motivate you to achieve further success. However, it is crucial not to let praise inflate your ego and create a false sense of invincibility. Keep in mind that your achievements are a result of hard work and collaboration with others, and you must continually strive for growth and improvement. Remember, success is earned, not bestowed. Stay true to your moral values and maintain a healthy balance of confidence and humility.

2. Pay Attention to the Voice of Your Ego

Fear and doubt are often the primary drivers behind an inflated ego. Identifying your ego’s voice will allow you to recognize when it might be influencing your behavior or decisions. When you notice those doubtful thoughts creeping in, remind yourself of your past accomplishments and trust your instincts. PracticePractise self-awareness and acknowledge when fear is guiding your actions, enabling you to overcome this barrier. Challenge your ego-driven thoughts with objectivity and reason, reinforcing a sense of groundedness.

3. Cultivate a Trusted Inner Circle, Including a Leadership Coach

Developing an inner circle of trusted advisors, friends, colleagues, and a leadership coach who can offer candid feedback and support is essential for keeping your ego in check. These individuals will provide an honest perspective on your actions and help you to maintain your humility. Treasure these relationships and acknowledge their importance in keeping you grounded. Your inner circle can also inspire you to pursue new ideas, and having a leadership coach in this network offers invaluable expertise and guidance that keeps you on the right track.

4. Set Aside Time for Regular Reflection

Dedicating time for self-reflection allows you to assess your actions and decisions, identifying areas in which your ego might have influenced your behaviorbehaviour. Consider both your successes and shortcomings in an objective manner. By engaging in regular introspection, you can maintain a balanced view of your abilities, strengths, and areas for improvement. Additionally, self-reflection encourages personal growth and fosters accountability for your actions, which will help you manage your ego as you progress in your leadership role.

5. Learn from Others and Remain Humble

Embracing an open-minded attitude and learning from others can help you maintain a balanced ego, as it acknowledges that no one person has all the answers. Engage in active listening and consider diverse perspectives from your team members, using these insights to inform your decision-making process. Demonstrating empathy and humility will empower those around you and pave the way for a more harmonious and inclusive work environment. This collaborative approach to leadership also helps build trust and fosters a sense of unity within your team.

In Summary

Striking a balance between self-assurance and ego control is a vital component of successful leadership. By implementing these five strategies, leaders can ensure that their ego does not hinder their effectiveness or relationships with their team members. Regular self-reflection, building a trusted inner circle, including a GCG coach, and learning from others can contribute to a leader’s ability to manage their ego and lead by example.

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