GLA360 Certification

Become a GLA360 Certified Coach and harness the most powerful 360 assessment in the coaching industry


GLA360 Certification

+5 FREE Assessments (extra $495 Value)

Get certified and gain a powerful framework to understand, work with and effectively debrief the GLA360 with clients or employees.

Approx. 20 hours to complete course

Here's what you get with the GLA Certification Program:

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14.5 CCEU Units

10 GLA360 Assessments (Originally a $890 value FREE)

Coach Resources

  • Marketing & Sales Training + Ready-to-Use resources including customizable email templates, PowerPoints, brochure, and more
  • Debriefing Resources, including worksheets for feedback discussion, report analysis, and more
  • Debrief Practice with fellow coaches to test, learn, and grow
  • Service Proposal & Contract Templates
  • Team Coaching & Workshop Resources, including coaching & workshop plans, PowerPoints, materials, and more
  • Coach Guide / Leader Guide

Choose a plan to get started

12 monthly payments or one-time payment

$99 / month

$990 / one-time

Certification plans come with a 14 day free trial
*only applies to those that have not used their 14 day free trials already

Our certified coaches use the GLA360 with clients from these MNCs and many more

Expedia bw
GE bw
IBM bw
LinkedIn bw
Mercedes bw
Microsoft bw
Pepsico bw
Philips bw
Reebok bw
Target bw
UBS bw

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