5 Reasons Leadership Coaches Need to Get ICF Certified

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The leadership coaching industry is booming, and there is proof. According to studies, executive coaching can bring an overall ROI of 788%. That may seem like an exaggeration, but it is not. Looking at these figures, more and more organizations are shifting their focus towards coaching their future leaders. This is probably the best time to start a career in leadership coaching. But like most other specialized professions, coaching too requires valid credentialing. Experience and expertise in the field hold their own place, but a recognized and official certification is crucial to gaining your clientele’s trust. 

An ICF credential portrays you as a qualified coach and gives you recognition as a coach practitioner globally. But before we dive deeper into why you should get ICF certified, let’s understand what an ICF credential is in the first place. 

What is an ICF credential?

An ICF certification is considered the highest standard of qualification in the coaching profession. Though it isn’t a mandatory qualification to practice coaching, an ICF credentialing immediately gives you the credibility you need to scale the ladder, which would otherwise take you years to achieve. 

The ICF certification gives you coach training opportunities across the world. The ICF credentials are only awarded to professional coaches who have the necessary educational qualification and experience and demonstrate the competencies that high-standard coaching demands. 

Who is the International Coaching Federation 

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is a leading organization that is devoted to helping coaches advance their coaching careers. It does so by setting high global standards, providing certification, and building a global community of trained coaching professionals. In 2020, the ICF completed 25 years of leading the way in setting high standards for the coaching industry.

Do you really need it?

This is a very common question that most coach practitioners or aspirants ask us. The answer is, it is not mandatory, as we have already mentioned above. But in the increasing competition that you are about to face in the coaching profession, an ICF credential can be a huge bonus. As of 2019, there were approximately 71,000 coach practitioners globally. And according to surveys, almost 74% of coaches hold some kind of certification or credentialing. To gain a competitive edge in this industry, there cannot be a better aide than an ICF certification.

If you are still unsure whether you really need ICF credentialing, here are five reasons why you should get it:

  1. The Gold Standard in coaching 
  2. More Job Opportunities 
  3. Higher Earning Potential
  4. Networking Opportunities 
  5. Becoming a better leadership coach (with the right program)

1. The Gold Standard in coaching 

The first and foremost reason why you should get an ICF certification is that it is considered the Gold Standard in the coaching industry. ICF is the globally leading organization providing career advancement opportunities to coaches. It is recognized worldwide, and most of the standards in the coaching industry are set by the ICF.

So an ICF credential instantly qualifies you as a certified coach who has met all the stringent requirements set by ICF. It signifies your commitment to the profession and your mastery of executive coaching skills.

2. More job opportunities 

As a leadership coach, you may be working independently, but acquiring an ICF credential can open up new doors for you. Both as a consultant coach or as a full-time coach, you will see many more opportunities coming your way. The training and certification process itself gives you a lot of exposure and a wider knowledge of the coaching industry. You can explore various avenues which you may have been unaware of so far. Having ICF certification makes you a more deserving candidate in the eyes of employers and clients, thanks to the instant credibility that it adds to your already impressive profile.

3. Higher earning potential

With an ICF credential, you are in a position to demand higher compensation for your services. The ICF certification being proof of your world-class skills and expertise in your niche gives you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating your fees or salary. Organizations and clients are often willing to pay a higher price for someone with this level of credibility and expertise. 

4. Networking opportunities 

The coaching profession usually does not give you enough chances to interact with peers since most coaches work independently. Through an ICF certification program with a reputed provider, you get the opportunity to network with other coaches of your stature. You can interact with other ICF certified coaches, instructors, and a global community of peers to exchange ideas and share knowledge. 

5. Becoming a better leadership coach (with the right program)

Most importantly, though, an ICF credential lets you be better at your job. With the right coach training and certification program, you get a chance to hone your existing skills, learn new ones and gather more knowledge as you proceed. An ICF certification makes you a better leadership coach, which is imperative to advancing your career and delivering the best to your clientele. 

The key here is finding the right program, though. There are a lot of great ICF accredited programs out there, but there are also a lot of bad ones. Some programs may give you a certification by the end of your tenure, but you realize you have hardly learned anything new. Certification without learning and development is not worth the time or effort. You need a program that will not only get you an ICF certification but also help you grow as a coach. A good certification program should equip you with the latest skills and knowledge that will help you move forward and upward. 

An ICF certification may not be mandatory, but it is an essential next step in your career as a leadership coach. If you are looking for an amazing program that not only gets you ICF certified but also gives you a wholesome leadership coaching training experience, the Global Coach Group is just where you should be. Our certification program provides you with all the resources you need for advancing your coaching career and introduces you to an expansive community of certified and experienced coaching professionals worldwide.

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