5 Marketing Tips for Executive Coaches

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Being a great coach alone is rarely sufficient to thrive in the field of coaching, unfortunately. A coaching practice is still a business that requires marketing and sales to be successful. The hurdle for most coaches is the time and effort involved. That’s why you might ask: What are the easiest and fastest ways to market yourself? We have five easy-to-implement marketing tips for you.


5 Easy Marketing Tips to Implement Right Away

1. Leverage social media to connect with your prospects

Social networks like LinkedIn are the doorway to your personal brand and provide excellent opportunities to connect with your ideal clients. Once you’ve identified your prospects, you can easily start conversations by commenting on their posts. From there, continue to build relationships with personal messages and eventually ask for a meeting or phone call.

2. Share relevant, high-value content

Executives, much like everyone else, are bombarded with mostly irrelevant information in their email inboxes and on social media channels. This is an opportunity for you to position yourself as the go-to source for positive, high-quality information. Share only content that’s highly relevant for your ideal clients and addresses their unique challenges, for example, your own blog posts or curated content from other trusted sources such as Global Coach Group’s LinkedIn Page.

3. Show up consistently

Consistency in your marketing efforts is crucial in two ways: First, your brand identity should be consistent across all channels. We recommend using the same professional profile picture for all social media platforms so that you’re easily recognizable. Second, posting and engaging consistently on social media is the key to becoming more visible in your field. The goal is to keep you on top of your audience’s mind so that you are the first choice when an opportunity arises where your services are required.

4. Take advantage of testimonials and case studies

This strategy alone can build instant trust with your audience and nudge them to get in touch with you. Gather a few testimonials and case studies from your previous clients and share them with your audience. Imagine executives reading how you’ve helped someone just like them to achieve the results they’ve been looking for. They will be very likely to believe that you can do the same for them and will want to contact you.

5. Always include a call-to-action

If you’re posting on social media or sending an email, always tell your audience what you want them to do next. Maybe, you’d like your prospects to respond to a question so that you can learn more about them. Or, you want them to read your blog post or schedule a meeting with you. This is an often-overlooked step that can accelerate your marketing success.


As part of our coaching certification programs, we also provide access to the Coaching Business Accelerator (CBA) course. The CBA teaches you the foundations of a successful coaching business and how to effectively implement these strategies into your very own practice. Learn more about our coaching certification programs.


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