How do world class athletes and corporate high fliers accelerate their performance? Coaching.

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Our Results Are Guaranteed

We understand that leaders across most levels in the organization are some of the busiest people and that time is their most precious resource. So coaching is only an investment that makes sense if there's a guaranteed return. This is why 360 Feedforward Coaching guarantees results. 

One million leaders around the world have already made this investment and 95% of those who involved their coworkers in the coaching process achieved clear and measurable leadership growth as a result. The 360 Feedforward Coaching process undeniably improves individual leadership effectiveness and at the same time engages teams better.

We Believe In Show-How Versus Know-How

The biggest challenge leaders face today isn’t understanding the practice of leadership (know-how). Rather, it lies in practicing their understanding of leadership (show-how).

Many leaders today are challenged to translate their leadership know-how into show-how when working in complex organizational environments. Our 360 FeedForward Coaching process quickly identifies key tipping point behaviors and then leverages a proven process to embed leadership growth in everyday interactions with coworkers.

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Better Together, Every Time

We Partner With HR to Offer Global Coaching Solutions & Local Coaching Expertise

As a top leadership coaching organization, we offer our corporate clients top-level benefits. We offer a single global account manager along with access to top-performing coaches, each one personally certified by GCG, in every major business city in over 100 countries. 

Additionally, we tackle the two most common HR hurdles around leadership coaching; transparency and ROI.

At GCG we believe in open-door approaches and transparency. Our 360 Feedforward Coaching gives HR clear visibility over what their leaders are working on and how those leaders are improving engagement across the organization.

When you combine this with our pricing model, "No Growth, No Pay," we guarantee 100% transparency and results at 0% risk.

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