Powerful executive coaching process to help you maximize your coaching potential

Executives need great coaches or they're never going to reach their leadership growth goals. The good news is, we've got them! But what transforms our great coaches into amazing coaches is our powerful executive coaching process. It's been battle-tested and the results speak for themselves with 95% of leaders achieving measurable leadership growth.

360 Feedforward Coaching

Will Linssen, the recognized #1 coach trainer in the world, has worked with many of the most successful global executives. His 360 Feedforward Coaching process has been shown to deliver undeniable and measurable leadership growth results for 95% of coaches. Leaders from the Fortune500 companies, government organizations, down to many much smaller businesses, have thoroughly praised the coaching methodology!

One of the underlying principles for 360 Feedforward Coaching's success is the involvement of coworkers in the leader's growth journey. It helps cut through the clutter to get to the heart of what matters; whether the team has seen and been impacted by the leader's growth! So sign up to become a certified Global Leadership Coach today to use the same process top coaches use - it’s a proven process that always delivers!

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Become a certified Global Leadership Coach

Global Coach Group is one of the top leadership coaching organizations in the world. There are close to 3,500 top executive & leadership coaches, consultants, and HR professionals working with us to bring the world’s most effective leadership coaching process to the people who need it most. So step into the future of coaching, become a coach today!

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Why Get Global Coach Group Certified?

Most coaches get into this line of work because they want to change lives in tangible and meaningful ways. Here at GCG, we help coaches do just that. But we want that change to be sustainable, rather than a flash in the pan, which is why our executive clients become lifelong partners in leadership.

Research with 100,000 leaders and their teams has shown that when coworkers are active participants in the leadership coaching journey it's a game-changer! In fact, 95% of leaders reported measurable leadership growth using 360 Feedforward Coaching. So join the Global Coach Group training program today and take the first step towards helping leaders improve their leadership and their lives.

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